Management Structure

General Committee is the highest body of Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) and consists with 31 members.

The Committee meets once a year. But if necessary, it can summon emergency meeting. The members of the General Body elect 11 members Executive Committee for the period of two years. The EC sits once in a quarter to look after the activities of the organization and takes necessary decisions.

The organization has also a 5 member’s advisory committee. The executive committee appoints the members of this committee. Its function is to advise the executive committee and the Executive Director.

The Executive Committee appoints the Executive Director. She/He is the executive head of the organization. The Executive Director implements all decisions of Executive Committee.

He/She is responsible for overall administration and program implementation. To discharge her duties, she/he is assisted by her sub-ordinate staff. He/She is responsible for keeping contact with the government and non-government agencies and donors.

The Executive Director is accountable to the Executive Committee.

Staff Strength:

Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) has a good number of staffs and volunteers. There are central office staff and project staff.

The project staffs are responsible for the proper implementation of all field activities. The staffs of the central office are responsible to the Executive Director and the area/project office staffs are responsible to the respective Program Coordinators through Area Coordinator.

The Program Coordinators are accountable to the Director (Program). The Area coordinators (District and Upazila) are also responsible to the Director (Program) through Program Coordinator.

At present, Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) has a total of 530 staffs who working in different level. Among them 67% are women. 

Transport Facilities:

S/l. Type of TransportNo. Available
01Micro Bias 0101
02Motor Cycle2828
03Bi- Cycle3535


Training Facilities:

As one of notable training provider organizations in Bangladesh, Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO)  has 30 well equipped training centers in 30 upazilas (Sub-district) of Bangladesh. 

The training centers are decorated with modern equipments and materials. The space of the training centre is sufficient to gather 25 people at a time.

The organization provides training to the women of the selected areas as part of women’s economic empowerment projects. The location of the training centers is as follows:

Sl NoDivision District Upazila (Sub-district)Remarks
1DhakaDhakaDhaka City Corporation
3DhakaGazipurGazipur Sadar
4DhakaMunshigonjMunshigonj Sadar
6Chittagong BrammanbariaSorail
8KhulnaJessoreJessore Sadar
9BarisalBholaBhola Sadar
10SylhetSylhetDakkin Surma
11KhulnaKhulnaKhulna City Corporation
15DhakaTangailTangail Sadar
19Chittagong Coxes’ BazarCoxes’ Bazar Sadar
20ChittagongComilla Langolkot
22SylhetSunamgonjSunamgonj Sadar
25BarisalJhalokatiJhalokati Sadar
27RangpurGaibandaGaibanda Sadar